I have always really loved drawing, painting and making things but I was unable to go to University at the age when most people go, and at that time getting a degree was not something I ever thought I would be able to do. I worked in Petro-chemical engineering as a draughtsman on leaving school, so spent my days drawing anyway.

However, I was lucky to be able to resume my education in my 30’s, initially thinking I would just do a foundation course and see how it turned out. By this time I had two small children who I would sometimes take with me into college. I found I really enjoyed being back studying, much more than I ever had when I was at school so went on to take a BA Hons in visual arts, gaining a first class degree, and then a Masters degree (in printmaking).
I have worked in MK as a community artist, adult education tutor and workshop leader, and then, most recently as Director of MK Arts for Health the arts charity based in Milton Keynes Hospital.
There are a lot of projects in the hospital which I made working with local community groups and children, including two of the courtyard gardens and landmark artworks around the hospital corridors and in the children’s wards.
I loved working at the hospital, helping to make it a nicer place to be, but I left MK Arts for Health several years ago so I would have more time to produce my own artwork.
My main interest and inspiration in my art has always been the natural world and living forms. I am especially interested in trees and plants. I usually work in printmaking, ranging from etching to relief on woodblock and Lino.
Recently I have focussed on landscape, and I am now working on prints relating to  Milton Keynes.

Getting ready to print....
Inking up



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