What inspires me….

Brick kilns, Great Linford

Most days I go for a walk in Milton Keynes, I live fairly centrally and walk in the parks, nature reserves, housing estates along the Redways; beside the canal, in all weathers and all times of day.
As I walk I often take very quick snapshots of where I am with my camera or phone. Not posed or framed just quick snaps, like a moment or fleeting glimpse.
I use these fleeting snaps in time to make my prints, many of my pieces are trees, these form the backbone and structure to MK with the paths and roads forming the arteries.

Heron on the canal towpath


Milton Keynes for me is unique in that you may feel sometimes that you are in a wild place, just you and the landscape but you will always have a path or paved shape within your field of vision, the very urban within the seemingly wild.

Canal underpass Monks Way, Milton Keynes

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